Short Overview

VENTex kitchen hood automation system measures and regulates the usage of your kitchen hood fans based on the measured temperature and smoke density in the cooking area, by using photoelectric and temperature sensors. VENTex keeps track on the level of cooking activity and automatically regulates the kitchen hood fans speed to the optimum level that is required.

Save Energy

Save up to 40% on kitchen fans energy consumption.

Save Air

Save 35% on conditioned air.


Compatible with new and current commercial hood systems.

Easy to install

Easy installation and operation.


Multi Sensor

Multi-sensor solution that regulates fans’ speed automatically.


Efficiently captures smoke, cooking smells, and other byproducts of cooking.

Advanced tech

Notifies you when the temperature of the exhaust air is too high

Speed control

Provides a lower minimum speed, resulting in better energy savings.

Why VENTex ?

Without VENTex, your kitchen is constantly wasting energy, conditioned air, and most importantly money. VENTex smart sensing modules and system controller keep track of the usage of the kitchen cooking equipment and adjust the fan speed accordingly. Why run your fans at full speed when your kitchen is not? With VENTex, reduce your kitchen consumption and increase energy savings.


The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the interfacing point for the user to interact with the system. Fans, lights, and even the controller mode can be modified using the buttons on the side of the display.

A full-color HD screen that always displays the status of the fans as it updates in real time and provides comprehensive overview about the hood fan speed, measured air temperature, and the Energy Saving Control Mode that is selected by the user.

Every System Controller Unit must have a GUI device connected to it to allow for human-machine interface and display the system parameters in case of need of system diagnostics.


The Sensors Module consists of a thermocouple Type-K temperature sensor and a photoelectric sensor enclosed in a stainless-steel housing that is suspended by an adjustable length stainless-steel tube to place it in the optimal position for airflow.

The temperature sensor sends data to the Controller unit via serial communication where it uses that data to adjust the respective fan speed accordingly.

The photoelectric sensor is protected by a lens which is coated with a hydrophobic film to protect it against moisture.

The photoelectric sensor shoots a beam of infrared light which gets reflected by the smoke back into the sensor. Whenever the beam of light gets interrupted, the controller detects the presence of smoke and increase the respective fan speed accordingly. Upon detection of smoke, the System Controller Unit automatically set the fan speed to 100% until all smoke is cleared out.

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